Parramatta Community Fund

Our Mission:

To support community giving that builds vibrant, inclusive communities.


Our History

Our P


The Parramatta Community Fund was created in June 2016, as a sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation .

The Fund is supported by the City of Parramatta Council. In 2016, seed funding was secured, and in 2017 a Fundraising Committee was recruited.

The vision is for a grassroots Fund that is driven by and responsive to the needs of the community in the Parramatta Local Government Area.


Our Principles


Build Something by the Community, for the Community

We are a committee that is rooted in our community; our focus is on empowering and activating individuals, collectives, organisations and society within our community. This will be inherent in the way we work and in the initiatives we support.

The community is the Expert

There are many challenges within out community of which we don’t have lived experience. We depend on the experience, expertise and input of the community to remain locally relevant.

Collaborate Authentically

To solve our community’s most pressing issues, all parts of society need to work together. We will partner openly with all sections of society, our approach won’t sole focus on monetary transactions.


Take a Strengths-Based Approach

We see huge potential and incredible capabilities within our community; this will be at the forefront of the way we work.

Build a Culture of Philanthropy

We will offer opportunities for the local community to support local initiatives, bring people together and helping them to create change in the community.

Monitor What We Do

We will continually monitor the impact of our funding and track progress towards our (internal and external) objectives.

Giving Circle

We are creating a Giving Circle. We are bringing together passionate, like-minded people who want to make difference in in the Parramatta Local Government Area.

Together, we will build a network of local donors, philanthropists and businesses that make a direct,positive impact to the community in which they reside, work and play.

The Giving Circle will be a sustainable base of donors who can provide long-term support.


Grant Making

The Parramatta Community Fund is not distributing grants at this time.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please sign up to our email list.

Also, note that future grant rounds will be advertised through this website, the Fund’s social media channels and Parramatta community newsletters.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee oversees the everyday operation of the Fund, including its fundraising and grant-making activities.

Members of the committee are people connected to the Parramatta Local Government area. We are local residents, business owners, and people who are passionate about the communities in Parramatta.

City of Parramatta Council provides Secretariat support to Committee and contributes resources to further its work.


Get Involved

We invite you to be a part of this new initiative for the Parramatta Local Government Area.

Sign up to get news and updates about the Fund. Join our Giving Circle. Contact us for more information.

In any way, we welcome you to take the next step to be a part of what we are trying to achieve.

Make a Donation

You can make a donation to the Parramatta Community Fund, including the option to give in-kind support to specific projects.

Tax deductible donations of $2 or more are pooled together in an endowment fund and invested. The funds will be disbursed to eligible recipient organisations through a grants process